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Weatherdek PVC Membranes Are Green

Weatherdek takes pride in being a green and sustainable waterproof membrane. We do our absolute best to protect and minimize our environmental impact for our future generations.

Weatherdek membranes are made from PVC (Poly Vinyl Chloride).  PVC products are well suited for recycling and virtually 100% of all trim and waste created in the process of making Weatherdek is recycled back into other various types of PVC materials. This saves tens of thousands of pounds of material from being discarded into the landfill, and reduces resources expended by other manufacturing processes.

Many ‘roof deck’ assemblies are made up on a waterproofing layer, with a protective traffic bearing surface over top.  A Weatherdek membrane provides both a roofing grade waterproof membrane and an attractive, durable, slip resistant traffic bearing surface, thus greatly reducing material, installation and transportation requirements in completing an effective ‘walkable roof deck’ assembly.

Weatherdek has been supplying waterproof deck membranes for over 35 years.  We’ve been around long enough to witness firsthand the durability and longevity of the Weatherdek products.  Combine this with a virtually maintenance free life cycle, and it’s easy to see how Weatherdek is an environmentally preferable decking option.

Architects, Engineers and Construction professionals design buildings to protect us and our many of our daily activities from the outdoor elements.  By choosing products such as Weatherdek membranes to enhance the building envelope, and protect against the damaging effects of rain, wind, snow and ice, this eliminates the need to repair or replace building elements saving additional materials waste and energy.

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